New Images

Chick Magnet by Scott Beckmann

The Bling! by Scott Beckman

He wore...RED! by Scott Beckman 

Charlie Bullet by Buddy Finethy

Images from the 2004 GIJOE Convention


Shoppin' for CHROME!

 At NASA   photo by Steve Charlton

Contest Entries

  DOB Set Up  photo by Steve Charlton

  DOB Entries

  Dean's Team  figures by Dean Morrison

  Dark Avenger Bulletman 1  figure and package by Lanny Lathem

  Dark Avenger Bulletman 2  figure and package by Lanny Lathem

  Bulletgirl UNLEASHED!  figure by Lanny Lathem

  Defenders of Bullet Babe  figure by Randy Sapp

  Defender of Bulletman   figure by Tod Pleasant

  DOB Guy  figure by Lanny Lathem

  Bulltman in Leather 

  Celtic Bulletman  figure by Don Bolin

 She's Got Crome Boots!

(more to come)

Bulletman Races

  Launch Set Up

  Looking Dooown!   photo by Jim Butler

  Test Flight  Bulletman Honor Guard figure by Lanny Lathem

  Final Setup  photo by Jim Butler

  The word is given!

  Dave, Tod, and Lanny Looking Skyward  photo by Steve Charlton

  In Flight #1

  In Flight #2

  In Flight #3

  In Flight #4

  In Flight #5

  The Finishline  (line...get it?...)

  Racemaster Brian Savage

  Imbedded in Foam!

  The Aftermath of the Race

  Headed Upstairs   photo by Jim Butler

  DOB at the Races

Convention Dinner

  Defender of the Table   photo by Steve Charlton

  A Chrome Diversion    photo by Steve Charlton

 Lanny and his Hero   photo by Steve Charlton

Steve, Buddy and B-Man   photo by Steve Charlton

Bulltman and DOB!   photo by Steve Charlton

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